Keramis Lighting & Porcelain

Manufacturers of handmade decorative accessories

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Kahlil Gibran
We live only to discover beauty, all else is a form of waiting.

Founded in 2005, we have been producing fabulous hand-painted dinner services and amazing decorative items and beautiful table lamps ever since. Our lights and objects can be found at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, the Ritz Carlton in Washington, the Sandy Lane in Barbados, and countless private homes across Britain and the United States.

Our designs transcend history and were as much loved and admired by the grand collectors in Europe and the Americas, centuries ago, as there are by connoisseurs today. What is more, we use the same skills and techniques for manufacture and decoration as they did back then. But we have also worked with design teams like Ralph Lauren Home to bring new feel and colors into play.

Featured at a dozen interior design showrooms in North America, we also handle custom orders directly. A new collection is planned for later in 2017, and in the mean time we can make pretty much anything to order. Take a look at the images, and updates going forward. Get in touch for more information: call us or email us!